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Jul 3

My favorite type of cardio? HIIT all the way!

A few people have asked me what type of cardio exercises I enjoy, well there are many different types out there but by far my favorite is High-Intensity Interval Training!

What is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

This is a type of cardio session that will actually get you in and out of the gym quicker then your standard cardio training, but burning 2 to 4 times as many calories!  But let me warn you, if this is something that sparks your interest you must be prepared to really push yourself above and beyond!  

How to do High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

It’s simple, your going to do a 30second x 60second rotation.  For the first 30 seconds you want to do an exercise at your maximum capacity; meaning a full out sprint!  Once you reach 30 seconds you will do a 60 second cool down (slow paced jog), you can guess what happens when you reach 60 seconds; better start running again.  Do this for 20 minutes and it will be more effective than your typical 45 minute jog on the treadmill.  Once you become well adapted to the HIIT routine you can change your 60 second cool down to 60 seconds of jumping jacks/push-ups/sit-ups/etc.  The jogging is only for beginners :)

Jun 7


If you are luckily a mesomorph than you will be delighted to know that you have the easiest road out of the rest to put on lean mass.  You can follow the simple standards of a 40/40/20 macro nutrient ratio.  40% Carbohydrates, 40% Protein, and 20% Fat to make up your caloric intake for the day.  Just like eating as an endomorph you want to stick to complex carbohydrates (whole grains mainly), lean protein sources (fish, chicken breast, eggs, and some beef), while fats you want to target things mainly high in omega 3 fatty acids such as almonds, natural peanut butter, fish oil, or flax seed.

While gaining mass as a mesomorph you want to find your daily caloric level to maintain and increase this number by 500, as you climb the scale every 3-4 pounds you want to readjust you caloric intake for your new body weight.  Try not to exceed 500 calories a day or that body weight you are gaining wont look so lean.  Train hard and you will get the results you want!  My next post will be about ectomorph eating then I will teach you guys how to train for each body type :).  Happy training all

To find you daily maintenance calorie level:

A good website to calculate your caloric intake with what you are eating: and it’s free to use!

The most important thing to know before building your diet!

A lot of people look past some of the most important ingredients in building a proper diet for your body, which is simply what body type are you?  Did you know there are three different human body types, and you could even be a blend of the three?  I will outline the three body types and key ways into realizing which one you are:

  • The mesomorph: Well if you are lucky enough to be born as a pure mesomorph the road to being fit is going to be easier than the other two.  You will naturally have a small waist with a V torso coming up to broad shoulders (for men) and females having more of an hour-glass shape.  With this body-type your body keeps it fat content low and a naturally some-what muscular frame.  You ever heard someone say, “oh he looks stocky?”  Well normally they are pointing out that he is a mesomorph!
  • The ectomorph:  I like to call this body type the hard gainers.  I’m sure you have a few friends who have told you “It’s impossible for me to gain weight no matter what I eat!”  This is an old wives tale and simply a rumor due to the lack of information being pushed around for ectomorphs to follow.  If you have narrow shoulders, a slim waist, long limbs, and a very hard time gaining weight in the gym or gaining weight period than you are definitely an ectomorph!
  • The endomorph:  This is what I believe to be the most common body type.  These are the people who naturally have a more round figure, slow metabolism, and soft body.  Endomorphs have a much lower carbohydrate tolerance and put on weight much easier then the other 3 body types.  Does this mean you can’t be a lean muscular person because you are endomorph?  Nope, you sure can!  

I will be writing up a blog post on each body type and how to build your diet around whichever you may be!  The FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT step in building a diet to reach your goals is realizing which body type you are and training specifically for that. Follow me and I will help you accomplish that and some!