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Hi! I was just wondering if you could write a list of tips you found useful in your healthy living journey. It would be much appreciated :)

  • Most importantly before you set any goal you must BELIEVE in yourself, people will doubt you but what it really comes down to is YOU knowing what is going to happen.
  • Diet diet, everyone sets fitness goals when they walk in the front door of a gym, but how many do you know that actually follow it up in the kitchen?
  • Take progress photos, nobody has to see them but you.  It is a great way to look back and visually see your progress.  Nothing motivates the mind more than SEEING it.
  • Make time for your fitness, my motto:  You MUST make time for it, it will NOT make time for you.
  • Give your body the proper rest it needs, over-training can actually set you BACKWARDS.  
  • EASE your body into the goals or will most likely burn yourself out!

If there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to ask.  That is just some of MANY tips.  I will be posting a nutrition article this weekend!