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Jul 3

My favorite type of cardio? HIIT all the way!

A few people have asked me what type of cardio exercises I enjoy, well there are many different types out there but by far my favorite is High-Intensity Interval Training!

What is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

This is a type of cardio session that will actually get you in and out of the gym quicker then your standard cardio training, but burning 2 to 4 times as many calories!  But let me warn you, if this is something that sparks your interest you must be prepared to really push yourself above and beyond!  

How to do High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

It’s simple, your going to do a 30second x 60second rotation.  For the first 30 seconds you want to do an exercise at your maximum capacity; meaning a full out sprint!  Once you reach 30 seconds you will do a 60 second cool down (slow paced jog), you can guess what happens when you reach 60 seconds; better start running again.  Do this for 20 minutes and it will be more effective than your typical 45 minute jog on the treadmill.  Once you become well adapted to the HIIT routine you can change your 60 second cool down to 60 seconds of jumping jacks/push-ups/sit-ups/etc.  The jogging is only for beginners :)

Jul 3


Ectomorphs are the people you typically hear walking around saying “It’s impossible for me to gain weight, I eat and nothing happens!”  Well this is another typical gym myth, you could be eating what you think to be a lot, but not eating enough of the right things.

An ectomorph needs to really jump up the amount of complex carbohydrates they eat (whole grains) while minimizing the simple carbohydrates.  Also your typical ectomorph can eat more HEALTHY fats than your typical person, things loaded with omega3 fatty acids (Natural PB, fish oils, etc).  So if your an ectomorph who’s struggling to put on weight, just increase your carbohydrate intake every meal, and you should start to see results.  Remember 6 meals a day is key in steady growth! 


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Jun 7


If you are luckily a mesomorph than you will be delighted to know that you have the easiest road out of the rest to put on lean mass.  You can follow the simple standards of a 40/40/20 macro nutrient ratio.  40% Carbohydrates, 40% Protein, and 20% Fat to make up your caloric intake for the day.  Just like eating as an endomorph you want to stick to complex carbohydrates (whole grains mainly), lean protein sources (fish, chicken breast, eggs, and some beef), while fats you want to target things mainly high in omega 3 fatty acids such as almonds, natural peanut butter, fish oil, or flax seed.

While gaining mass as a mesomorph you want to find your daily caloric level to maintain and increase this number by 500, as you climb the scale every 3-4 pounds you want to readjust you caloric intake for your new body weight.  Try not to exceed 500 calories a day or that body weight you are gaining wont look so lean.  Train hard and you will get the results you want!  My next post will be about ectomorph eating then I will teach you guys how to train for each body type :).  Happy training all

To find you daily maintenance calorie level:

A good website to calculate your caloric intake with what you are eating: and it’s free to use!

Eating for the ENDOMORPH

Eating as an endomorph can be somewhat tricky, if you want to look lean and muscular it takes a lot of patience and knowing you can control the cravings.  The first rule in proper nutrition for being lean is eating 5 to 6 meals per day, why?  Doing so will increase the efficiency of your metabolism and actually over time make your body naturally burn more calories.  They say the normal macro nutrient ratio is 40/40/20 which means 40% Protein, 40% carbohydrate, and 20% fat; it would be nice if this worked for everybody wouldn’t it?  For an endomorph you want to cut back on the ratio of carbohydrates and fats and fill those calories more with protein.  Protein is the most efficient macro nutrient in the human body (meaning it burns the most calories in digestion)  1g of protein = 3 calories, 1g carbohydrate = 4 calories, and 1g fat = 9 calories.

You also will want to eat low calories than the average person, a good place to calculate a rough estimate of your maintenance calories is:

When building your diet, after finding your maintenance calorie level; reduce this number by 500, do not starve yourself to 1,100 calories a day if that is not what your body is asking for!  This will actually put you backwards making your metabolism hold onto any nutrients it can get, thinking it will not be seeing any more for awhile!

Focusing a diet more on protein, lower carbohydrates, and lower fats will help the endomorph immensely.  DO NOT go on a 0 carbohydrate diet, your body needs glycogen for energy!  When you make your carbohydrate choices keep to whole grain foods that are also high in fiber, for example:  brown rice, whole grain pasta, whole grain breads, sweet potatoes.  Protein sources: fish, chicken breast, eggs (not many yokes due to 5g of fat per yoke).  Fat sources:  natural peanut butter, almonds, fish oil, some milk, and flax seed

The most important thing to know before building your diet!

A lot of people look past some of the most important ingredients in building a proper diet for your body, which is simply what body type are you?  Did you know there are three different human body types, and you could even be a blend of the three?  I will outline the three body types and key ways into realizing which one you are:

  • The mesomorph: Well if you are lucky enough to be born as a pure mesomorph the road to being fit is going to be easier than the other two.  You will naturally have a small waist with a V torso coming up to broad shoulders (for men) and females having more of an hour-glass shape.  With this body-type your body keeps it fat content low and a naturally some-what muscular frame.  You ever heard someone say, “oh he looks stocky?”  Well normally they are pointing out that he is a mesomorph!
  • The ectomorph:  I like to call this body type the hard gainers.  I’m sure you have a few friends who have told you “It’s impossible for me to gain weight no matter what I eat!”  This is an old wives tale and simply a rumor due to the lack of information being pushed around for ectomorphs to follow.  If you have narrow shoulders, a slim waist, long limbs, and a very hard time gaining weight in the gym or gaining weight period than you are definitely an ectomorph!
  • The endomorph:  This is what I believe to be the most common body type.  These are the people who naturally have a more round figure, slow metabolism, and soft body.  Endomorphs have a much lower carbohydrate tolerance and put on weight much easier then the other 3 body types.  Does this mean you can’t be a lean muscular person because you are endomorph?  Nope, you sure can!  

I will be writing up a blog post on each body type and how to build your diet around whichever you may be!  The FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT step in building a diet to reach your goals is realizing which body type you are and training specifically for that. Follow me and I will help you accomplish that and some!

Hi! I was just wondering if you could write a list of tips you found useful in your healthy living journey. It would be much appreciated :)

  • Most importantly before you set any goal you must BELIEVE in yourself, people will doubt you but what it really comes down to is YOU knowing what is going to happen.
  • Diet diet, everyone sets fitness goals when they walk in the front door of a gym, but how many do you know that actually follow it up in the kitchen?
  • Take progress photos, nobody has to see them but you.  It is a great way to look back and visually see your progress.  Nothing motivates the mind more than SEEING it.
  • Make time for your fitness, my motto:  You MUST make time for it, it will NOT make time for you.
  • Give your body the proper rest it needs, over-training can actually set you BACKWARDS.  
  • EASE your body into the goals or will most likely burn yourself out!

If there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to ask.  That is just some of MANY tips.  I will be posting a nutrition article this weekend!

Hey man that story hit the spot! That's got me written all over it! Half ass quitter who can never stick to a plan! How did you keep the motivation and find the time? Also, how did you do with food? Did you follow a strict regimen or just eat meals that you guessed were healthy?

Awesome questions!  We all start off as quitters, I don’t think anybody has really had success their first time in the gym, it normally takes several tries before you find that person inside of you!  I believe for the making time question you just have to set fitness as one of your priorities.  Doesn’t have to be #1 but it must be up there. They say YOU have to make time for it; it won’t make time for you.  I kept the motivation going by seeing the results I was getting and taking pictures every 20-30 days so I could almost have somewhat of a slide-show to look back on and watch how much body would change, it really helped me a lot!  On the diet/food questions, I will use this question as my next blog post. (Look for it to be released Sunday)  Thanks for your interest in my blog, check back Sunday for some good nutrition tips!  Believe in yourself and you will reach every goal you set your mind to!

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My success story

Many people reach a point in life where they start taking their personal health seriously.  Well I always faced the reality that every time I told myself and others I was committing myself to my personal fitness; a few weeks later I would be sitting on my couch playing Xbox 360 instead of worrying about my fitness.  Simply because I didn’t want to put myself through the troubles of staying dedicated and pushing myself.  I guess you could call me your typical quitter.  I was in a serious relationship at the time and when that came to an end the last words I heard from my ex was how I would never satisfy myself because I was a quitter.  I realized enough was ENOUGH it was up to nobody but ME to make it happen! 


This was my weak-slender frame I was dealing with at the time, weighing less than my girlfriend of the time I knew I needed to turn myself around to make myself truly happy with who I was.  I embarked on a journey that would take me several months but I knew it would be well worth it in the end for self-satisfaction and my personal health.

I would start by training 4 to 5 days a week, and focusing on my diet everyday of the week allowing myself one to two cheat meals per week to ease cravings, but at the same time monitoring my calories in those cheat meals.  I knew if I took all the right steps nothing would hold me back from reaching my ultimate goal, of a nice lean muscular frame. 

After 30 days of dedicated training and dieting I could slowly see my body changing form and molding into what I had seen in my mind as a mental image. I knew the only place to go from here was up!


Now here is how my body changed over time from following the same nutrition and fitness rules I will be applying to this blog for you all to follow and help guide you to the same fitness goals you may have!

 50 days

 90 days


Stay tuned for posts on proper nutrition, training, and motivational articles.  Also you can send ANY questions you may have to my ask box; whether it’s gaining weight, losing weight, or training for a triathlon.  I will feature some of them in future articles.  Happy training all!  As long as you believe in yourself, the sky is the limit!!